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September 29, 2004

I bought my first car about a month ago. :-) It's a 2005 Matrix XR, in silver (I wanted light blue, but there weren't any on the lots. Silver works too.) I bought it because the gas mileage is decent, I like that the seats all fold down, I like the shape, and the price was manageable. So far, I'm reasonably happy. The six-disc changer strains the limits of my coordination while driving, but it's a fun car.

The major blight on the poor thing has been the dealer plates (bright red "Michael's Toyota"). Today my REAL Washington plates came in, and I finally got to take those off. The delightful part is the number that I got: 316 SUZ. It's practically a vanity! I just need to figure out what the 316 stands for. :-) 311 was my room number at Brown junior and senior year, so almost. Area code 316 is in Kansas, so that doesn't apply at all. Kevin suggested Genesis 3:16 or Revelation 3:16... obviously I was amused.


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