Back in the saddle

December 03, 2004

Yeehaw! With the impending holidays and my newfound dearth of projects (I finished the red hat & scarf, but haven't sewn in ends. pictures tomorrow?), I've decided that my "no new yarn until I get a job" rule only applies to projects for myself. :-) Ahh, rationalization.

The really exciting part of this is that Kevin mentioned in passing that he wouldn't be adverse to hand-knit socks. This was incredibly exciting news to me for several reasons. First, on a knitting level, I feel like knitting socks is the way in which you prove that you have truly arrived. The holy grail, if you will. However, I don't like any of the sock patterns for myself, except maybe for these. So, I'm delighted to get to try my skill and *not* have to wear the result. :-) Second, most of his previous girlfriends have been knitters (he obviously has good taste), and so I didn't want to duplicate their past projects. I'm also a firm believer in the sweater curse... it may have been two and a half years, and we may be living together, but you don't start a sweater unless you have a ring on your finger. No need to jinx these things.

So, I went down to Kirkland Yarn & Stitchery on the way home from other errands and found this yarn (Patons Kroy Socks 4-ply, color #54108) and the Patons Classics Winter Warmth pattern book. The sock pattern I have in mind has the blue arrow pointing toward it.

Kevin gave the go-ahead. Here he is with his future-socks (though it's hard to tell if the yarn or the eggnog is the reason for the smile...) Woohoo for new projects.

I also picked up some Plymouth Encore for one of the gifts on my list. The colors are a neutral beige (#240), a nearly-navy blue (#848), and a slightly tweedy medium blue (#658, which looks much more light blue/gray in real life than in this shot). Expect more info on this project in a few weeks. :-P

Kevin's downstairs working on dinner so I'd better run, but I had to share my new-yarn fun!!


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