New project for the fix-along!

February 02, 2005

After the success of the blue-sweater alteration, I'm taking it up a level. I have another wonderful store-bought turtleneck whose neck has been grating on my nerves. I love the color of this sweater, but the neck scratches and there's a lot of it. So, the plan is to rip back about 2/3 of the neck and bind off, then steek, sew in a zipper, and make it a cardigan/jacket.
Some of the considerations leading to this project:

  • I love the color of this sweater, and the yarn is so warm. I'd like to want to wear it -- this is a sweater that I reach for a lot, but generally change out of as soon as it's on -- itchy neck, too boxy to be flattering.
  • The shorter neck should cut back on most of the itch-issues. It also seemed like this neck went out of style really quickly -- the update is more style-neutral. The biggest consideration on reshaping the neck is its width -- just cutting it shorter would make it look stretched out. I think the zipper and more open-necked jacket style will work better than leaving it as a mock turtleneck.
  • The overall shape of this sweater is a bit of a challenge. I think that turtlenecks look better fitted, and this just isn't. I'll have to use about an inch of material down the front for steeking and attaching the zipper. Less material and the new style ought to help if not completely fix the problem.
  • The weather here has been solidly in the 50's -- too cold for just a fleece vest and too warm for my winter coat. This could be a great middle option, since it's 100% wool and quite warm.
  • I love zip sweaters. This will get worn.

    Here's the view before I started:

    ... and post neck-surgery:

    Steeking is up next -- wish me luck!


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