And lo, a tree

December 04, 2006

Tonight was our night to host the more-or-less weekly potluck Brown dinner. Last year I just didn't feel festive for some reason, but this year I've been wanting tradition, so we settled on a theme of peppermint (either the flavor, or red and white food. Jonathan took it all a step further and made pepper and mint pesto. yum.).

Since our apartment wasn't holidayish at all, I went questing in our neighbourhood for greens to make an advent wreath.

The berries were a major find. Every other year that bush has been orange. I don't know if it's a maturity thing, or due to the recent cold snap, but I love the red as an accent. And I found perfect, little pinecones under a tree up the street. How pretty! And, best of all, this is the first year that the types of evergreen available hasn't grated against my sense of a proper wreath. Am I finally settled in Seattle?

I neglected to take pictures of everyone, but the early arrivers are all bustling in the kitchen here:

Ginger even dressed for the theme. She made soup, Graham made mozzarella pizza in peppermint candy form, we made drinks including hot chocolate and peppermint schapps with a candy cane swizzle, and everyone else brought desserts, appetizers, homemade peppermint stick ice cream, and other pastas... we never seem to lack for food.

And Andi and Ginger helped me decorate the tree. Here's Andi trying to follow the (my) exacting tinsel protocol.

:-) And just for fun, since we've now been getting together for over a year, a list of past themes:

Fall foodsThe letter 'S'
Stuffed foodHome cooking
Finger foodPizza
Grown in WashingtonCrepes
SpheresKids' food
Fresh fruitSpice
Summer0s and 1s
Food that shares a name with a country/state/cityBreakfast
Brown foodsBeer
Things which aren't brownThanksgiving
Foods in songsGrilling
UwajimayaThings that go with lasagna
Mother's Day25 for $25
Triangles and wedgesJohnny Rockets
Frozen foodsFood you can use as a weapon
Irish foodChopsticks
Colors of the rainbowPeppermint


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