March 20, 2007

All of a sudden, on Saint Patricks day, I realized that I'd hit the decreases for my second sock. Crazy! Here's (finally!) a good shot of the color, with one row to go.

And a shot of the picot edge, lace ribbing, and the interlocking double diamond lace:

So, I finished, sewed in the ends, and dunked them. Since I don't have sock blockers, here they are blocking on a towel:

I'm convinced that I should have used size 0 needles instead of 2s. I'd gone down a size from the recommended 3s, but it really wasn't enough. Not only is the fabric loose, but they are quite large. They look like they would fit well over my slippers, instead of under them. I'll have to assess once they're dry. Is it possible to shrink things knit with sock yarn?



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