Deck gardening starts to look like a success!

July 06, 2007

The beans and tomato plant, despite the measly afternoon-only sun, are getting bigger by the day.

And look! A baby tomato!!

Once I saw the first one, I kept looking, and found several small grape-sized individuals, and then a whole cluster!

The beans are even more exciting. The little inch-long slivers have suddenly transformed into real vegetables!

I won't show you every single bean on this plant, but it's amazing to me how many there are. Looks like we have a plan for tonight: grill salmon, harvest beans to go with! Here's one more photo -- I think this is so, so exciting, that my little experimental plant is so huge and useful now. Here, another pair of beans, ready to eat!

Both plants still have lots of flowers, so I'm hoping that we get several more weeks of beans and then the tomatoes should be ripe.

How cool.



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