Blue Angels

August 04, 2007

It's Seafair weekend here in Seattle, and we decided to kayak out to the edge of Hunt's Point to see the Blue Angels. The show started at 1:30, but we didn't have waffles until 11:30 and I was still at the farmers' market at 12:30, and so we were a bit late. The planes flew directly overhead as we were getting ready to launch our boats. Very cool (though I think they look kind of creepy), but we'd meant to be a 30 minute paddle down the lake by that point. Oops. :-) Clearly there's a slight difference between military punctuality and what you can expect from the two of us on a Saturday. :-)

I brought my camera along in a ziplock bag in my life jacket's pouch. Here are all six planes flying right in front of us!

It seemed like the accompanying BOOM should have made a wave of its own, but the water stayed calm. And then here they are swooping over the U district for another high speed pass over Mercer Island.

The paddle back was a bit more exciting than our meander over as we had to contend with the wake of all of the boats returning from the show. I desperately wanted a photo, both of the mammoth wake (some of it compared to the mail boats on Winnepesauke), and the myriad boats, but I didn't trust myself not to drop the camera into the lake while I was taking it out of my life jacket pocket (the waves were so constant), so you'll just have to imagine a zillion boats, ranging from small bow riders to sailboats to yachts, plowing back north to Kirkland from the show.



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