A new quilt!

January 01, 2008

I am all excited about the daybed quilt. After more thinking, the goal was to have a pink and brown quilt that would coordinate between the daybed and the light pink walls, and improve the coherence of the rest of the room’s layout and furniture. Given the mission-style rails on the sideboards, straight lines seemed better than curves, squares, or diamonds. Stark and geometric lines, but smoothed by color. I didn’t want something with too much movement – lots of quilt designs have strong diagonal or top-to-bottom lines. And I love the log cabin pattern, and plan to do many more, but I feel like I shouldn’t get into a rut (the world is wide, might as well explore a bit). Again, here’s the shot of the space to fill:

Surprisingly little searching on the internet yielded the Hidden Wells quilt design -– perfect! There’s a great (long) tutorial here, a short cheat sheet here, and some awesome samples (plus this and this). I particularly liked the strip widths and the colors (a bold square, with a lighter shadow) in this one. I whipped out the pencil crayons to come up with a pattern,

calculated fabric in each of the colors (and then doubled them… anything I don’t use for the quilt can be put towards pillows), went to Joann Fabrics, and bought these.

There’s a conventional wisdom that you need at least one "ugly" print to make your quilt pop – to me, an annoying rule. I’m thinking that a mix of colors (dark brown, whites, pinks, and one red) plus different textures will do the trick. Time will tell.



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