Twas the week before we both left town for Christmas...

December 13, 2004

... and so we finally bought a tree. Apparently in Washington, they only sell Douglas Firs and Noble Firs, which both look a little odd for a girl used to Balsams. After a fair amount of calling around and u-eys (how would *you* spell that?) on busy roads looking for something under $50, we finally ended up at home depot where we found a reasonably nice douglas fir for $20. I'm worried that it's going to lose all its needles, but it does look and smell so Christmas-y in the living room, so I'm going to stop stressing and just enjoy it. My mom packed my share of our family's ornaments as well as a good bit of tinsel (I couldn't find any last year -- maybe it's a boston thing?), so it was fun to see them all come out of their wrappings and find a spot on the tree.

I like that the tree lights and the fish tank are both reflected in the window. :-)


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