Back in the saddle

January 30, 2006

Now that the socks and pillows are out of the way, the next project on the list is finally finishing the purple cable sweater. I lost momentum when I realized I didn't have enough yarn to finish, and by the time I found more (same dye lot, no less!), I'd forgotten where I was in the cable chart. So last night before bed, I took fifteen minutes to re-find my place and knit a few rows to get back in the swing. I have two thirds of the right front and under one third of the left front left to go. Once those two pieces are finished, I just have to block and seam. There are no finishing details except for sewing on the four buttons.

Now that I am past my knitter's block, I'm completely remembering why I loved this yarn and project to begin with. The Lambs Pride Bulky is heavenly to work with -- soft and squishy, and the inches fly by. I'm hoping to have this done too before the Olympics start and I have to put it down again. A second time-trial?


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