A Successful Time Trial

January 25, 2006

Your eyes are not deceiving you -- this is, in fact, a completed pair of socks:

Now that I'm flush with victory, the process (all thirteen and a half months of it) really wasn't that bad. I'm not sure another pair of vanilla rib socks are in my near future, but I'm suprised to find that I enjoyed the home stretch.

I used the "Plain Rib Socks" pattern from the Patons classics Winter Warmth booklet (#500977 HH, if you're really interested). The construction seems really solid and they fit Kevin well, but the name really says it all. I used Patons Kroy yarn, and did the first sock on four #2 DPNs and the second using magic loop on a 32" Addi Turbo. After having tried the Addi's, I doubt I will ever use DPNs again (they are *SO* fidgety!), but I'm happy to have tried both.

Now on to the Knitting Olympics!


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