Knitting Olympic Podium

February 28, 2006

If you were wondering how it all wrapped up and love to laugh, go see the Yarn Harlot. (Something about being told to wear my medal to the grocery store still has me laughing while reading work email and standing in line in the cafeteria.) Since very few will make it down a hundred comments to mine, I thought I'd repeat it here:

Thank you, thank you to:

-Stephanie, for not realizing how big your knitting tribe was, and for giving us all a reason to be inspired and join in.
-The wonderful support team, for backing her up when she realized what she'd started.
-Everyone who knit. I have had more fun explaining what I'm up to, and having people send me articles, and hearing them explain the scale of this whole thing in baffled/awed tones to their friends. This was neat. Rock on, blogging knitters.

And the gold medal is lovely. :-)

Posted by: susan at February 28, 2006 03:19 PM

Here's to fun challenges, the knitting community, and the summer olympics in aught eight.


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