Olympics: Closing Ceremonies

February 26, 2006

The sides are kitchenered, the ends are woven in, and the whole thing is laid out in all its Olympic glory for a wet-blocking to tone down that wicked curl. :-)

Finished specs were:
Pattern: My variation on the Cascading Diamonds Scarf from Knitting with Beads
Yarn: 3.5 skeins of Tahki's Cotton Classic, Color 3424 (Red)
Beads: Size six. 1.75 vials of light pink, nearly 4 vials of dark pink, and 3.5 vials of red.
Finished dimensions: 62" by 7"
Total days: Sixteen.

Whew! And thanks to the wonderful Yarn Harlot for providing the online knitting world with such a great challenge. I've loved reading about what people chose and the progress they made, seeing the teams form, and being involved with something so large and *cool*. This has been so fun -- my knitting is rarely so directed and purposeful, and I was delighted at how quickly it all went when I made it an evening priority.


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