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February 08, 2006

A quick post before I head off to knitting... I spent most of the afternoon working on my quilt. The strips have been decorating the bedroom since the summer (which, if you consider it, was actually quite a while ago -- how time flies, especially for interrupted craft projects). For those who no longer recall, here are links back to my inspiration and fabric, my self-designed pattern, and some early progress. I've spent the day listening to NPR and working on quilt squares. I've made it completely through the yellow -- my first color to cross off! These "squares" are actually longer than they are wide, because I'll be cutting them in half to seam to blue squares. I just have to make four long blue squares and then I'll be done with the sky.

I happened to finish just as the light outside was turning pink, so I took the camera up the hill for a quick sunset photo. It's not going down until 5:30! Progress!



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