New job, pretty yarn

January 31, 2006

Want to see my extravagant new yarn?

It's two skeins of Cherry Tree Hill Silk & Merino DK, in Green Mountain Madness. It's *deeply* gorgeous, and it feels amazing. Once I'm done admiring it in the skein, (and probably once the Olympics are over) it will become a clapotis. :-) So, you ask, what could have happened to the girl who usually tries to complete sweaters for less than $40, to have made her drop twice that for one lone scarf?

This is celebrational yarn, because I just signed a contract on a job that I've wanted for a long, long time! Some people do a fancy dinner out, some people buy expensive electronics, and I splurged on yarn. In two weeks, I'll be starting as a Programmer Writer at Microsoft, and I think that's worth of a bit of loveliness. Plus, I have a hunch that I'll need a nice, easy pattern in a soft, pretty yarn to come home to -- the learning curve for the first few weeks looks rather steep, and I sense my brain will appreciate the break. :-) So, cheers to dream jobs!


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