Week Seven

October 24, 2006

I wish that I could say that week seven was as successful as week six, but unfortunately it was another loss, 62-111. Steve was tied for first, so it would have been quite the upset if I'd won, but still. No love.

Jon Kitna, Det 18
RB/WR Laurence Maroney, NE 2
WR Deion Branch, Sea 6
WR Terrell Owens, Dal 15
WR Reggie Brown, Phi 13
TE L.J. Smith, Phi 3
D/ST Seahawks 0
K Jason Elam, Den 5
RB Shaun Alexander 0
RB Marion Barber, Dal 3
WR Jerricho Cotchery, NYJ 8
WR Reggie Williams, Jac 0
WR Keyshawn Johnson, Car 4
K Rian Lindell, Buf 8
D/ST Patriots 15
QB Alex Smith, SF (BYE) 0

The good news is that Jon Kitna has completely won starting QB status. I really like Alex Smith, but it's too emotionally draining to watch him rack up 15 points then interception and sack himself back to nothing. I'd been thinking it was a horrid mistake to play Maroney (2 points), until Barber only came out of Monday night football with three. Clearly the deeper issue is that I don't have ANY running backs. Branch came off a great week last week with an iffy one this week -- Hasselbeck didn't even look at him and then he did a mediocre job connecting with Seneca Wallace. Next week will be interesting. TO and Reggie Brown were solid, if not amazing. LJ Smith was disappointing. The Seahawks D have lost their starting spot on my team to New England, despite being initially given the benefit of the doubt, and kickers are still a tossup. The only consolation is that even if I'd played everything perfectly, it still wouldn't have hit 111.

Next week is going to be horrible, since I'm playing Josh, who owns Donovan and many of the Eagles. Given the loyalties in my house, I can't cheer against the Eagles, but it will make fantasy-acceptable ways of moving the ball tricky. It's such a pity I don't play him on the Eagles' bye week.

And, of course the knitting:

I actually finished the back of the vest on Saturday while rewatching "Walk the Line". I cast on for the last potholder during the Sunday games, and finished it while watching "Match Point" in the evening. No pictures, though, until I get a chance to felt all of them.


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