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November 21, 2008

I made an executive knitting decision that the Sunrise Circle Jacket was just too much math and counting to be a good trip knit (I'm nearing all of the increases for the front, and my row gauge doesn't match what's required, so I'll need to recalculate all of the increases -– a mess). While I was pondering what to bring instead, the Yarn Harlot made an irrefutable case for knitting the Noro Striped Scarf. I'd been hoarding a yarn store gift certificate from Kevin's family for my birthday last year that covered the yarn perfectly, and now I'm knitting away. Choosing yarn was very difficult, since a skein of Noro is essentially a mystery, colorwise. I tried to find colors I liked, and nothing too neutral, but you really never know. Two skeins of each colorway, hopefully enough for a scarf and a hat.

I meant to just start and be sure that my needle size was right, but the color shifts are alluring and I got several inches in.

The yarn feels wonderful (soft and smooshy), and the sheen from the silk is amazing. What a great, fun knit, at the perfect time of year, and I'm so happy that I can show off the gift purchase to Kevin's family since we'll be there in two days! :-)



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