November 10, 2008

I finished the two pillows for my room! JoAnn Fabrics had 24" square pillow forms on sale (only $8!) a year ago, and though they seemed large it also seemed like a good back support for reading or watching tv on the daybed in my office.

When I started the quilt I did two sample squares to test out the pattern. I decided to tweak the size of the strips, so I couldn't use them in the quilt itself but I wanted to used them in coordinating pillows. The best way seemed to be to add sequential borders. I'm fine with the diagonal pink pillow, but I really like the square red one (much better proportions and color contrast). Fun. :-)

I also like the ¼" flower detail on the back of each strip. I used my sewing machine attachment to make button holes (with the buttons facing in so that they wouldn't scrape against the wall or catch on the bed frame) – a fun detail and the cases are staying in place well.

I'm about 90% satisfied with these. The pillows are about 6" too big visually (though they are very nice to sit against) and the patterns are fine but not my favourites. But still – a project off the long, long list!! Hooray!



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