We love buckets.

January 02, 2005

Want to see our bucket collection? :-)

The three silver-blue ones are brand new (yay!), and this picture doesn't include the one filled with saltwater that was heating in the living room. Our 7-bucket collection may not seem blog-worthy (I'll bring back the knitting content tomorrow, promise.), but it's exciting to us because now we can do twice-weekly water changes! :-P (If that doesn't make you think "yeehaw", I don't know what will...)

To go with our buckets, and in anticipation of our next fish, we also bought a little 10-gallon tank to serve as a quarantine tank. The idea is that new fish can stay there for 2-3 weeks, or sick fish can live there to be treated, and therefore you minimize disease in your main system. It fits on the counter perfectly, and we got a bunch of PVC tubing for hiding places. The quarantine tank is supposed to be easily scrubbable, so this is the limit for the decor. We still need siding so that the fish won't have a heart attack when the front door opens, and a heater & thermometer, and to fill it with water (see the bucket part above), but we should be ready for our next fish sometime this week!


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