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July 19, 2005

My sewing machine is contagious. Or maybe I'm just particularly susceptible to the siren song of fabric stores, but I have more sewing projects. Specifically, shirts for work.

In true dive-in spirit, I found fabric for versions B and D, buttons, thread, and fusible interfacing (that I haven't figured out yet). My only tailoring experience was in fourth grade (third grade?) when I "helped" my mom make me these two one-piece summer outfits that I loved dearly. So, I can't entirely say that I know what I'm doing. Exhibit A in that regard is the amount of fabric bought... I read the back of the pattern, deduced that I needed 2 1/4 yards of each color, brought it home, washed it, ironed it, hung it over the railing and realized that I'd bought enough to clothe the Von Trapp family.

I guess it's better that too little though? And it wasn't exactly an extravagant purchase at $2.50 a yard, so no harm done.

I've now made it through cutting out all of the patterns from the tissue paper, and folding the mountains of fabric right side together. Cutting is next, wish me luck. There are four cutting patterns -- I think I'm supposed to choose the most appropriate, not use them all, but I can't say that it's entirely clear. And I think bias tape is only needed for version E, but I also can't say *that's* clear. And there's a boatload of symbols scattered all over the pattern, which I'm sure are there for a reason (mysterious as they may be) -- any offers of websites with tips or tricks would be very helpful and well-received at this point! I'm sure I can't go too woefully wrong by just jumping in, cutting, and sewing, (I'm a smart girl, right? And I knit!) but I'd really like to understand the finer points of what's expected -- the pattern gives basically no discernible guidance.

P.S. Bonus points/Project motivation: I'll get to use my sewing machine's buttonhole-maker! Sweet!!


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