Not horrible for a first try

October 28, 2006

I drove the mustang for the first time. Eek.

We have a tandem spot and I don't know how to drive stick, and so whenever Kevin is parked behind me he has to come out and move his car. I needed to go to the bead store, and so he dutifully tromped out with me... and then offered to give a reverse/parallel parking lesson. We live on a hill, so it's a bit more complicated, but it's probably the only manual driving skill I need to learn and his car isn't brand new any more (a year and a half old), so it was time.

The first try, I gave it way too much gas and it stalled dramatically, the second time I let the clutch out too fast and stalled again, but the third time I made it back and parked at the curb. Whew. :-) My left foot just isn't coordinated, so the clutch thing is tricky to me. And I forgot to turn the tires for the hill, I was so happy to be done. :-)

Here's Kevin, either squinting into the sun and secretly admiring my work, or vowing not to let me near his transmission again.


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