This is not a geranium

July 21, 2005

In a slightly misguided moment at knitting on Wednesday, the conversation devolved into a game of "guess that houseplant." I have a plant that I got at the grocery store with pink flowers on long stalks. I keep forgetting to water it, and on the next sunny day it wilts and looks dead, and then I water it in a fit of obtuseness and the thing spits out new leaves and flowers -- I love it. We've been doing this for nearly a year now. The group decided by consensus that it was a geranium. I'm confident it's not.

Here it is... You can see that it 's been through a drought and lost most of its leaves, but there are two more buds in the back so not too much harm done.

So, all-wise knitters... now that you have a visual, what kind of flower is this? :-)


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