Downtime and the Awesome Invention

August 04, 2005

This is one of those "Worth A Thousand Words" pictures. Life has been very busy. Kevin gave me the box set of Harry Potters 1 through 5 for my birthday (what an awesome gift! especially since my parents' copies are all the way away in New Hampshire and thus hard to borrow!), so I've been at Hogwarts for every spare-able minute. Unfortunately, the later books are THICK, and my reading time was starting to impede on my knitting time. I feel like Hermione would have found a way to get the books to lie flat (and for that matter, to turn pages automatically), but I lack her skills. So, I invented the awesome Cascade-220 book-opener loop, proudly displayed below. The only downside: makes it harder to get to bed on time, now that it means leaving both reading and knitting. And yes, for those readers with sharp eyes, that is the never-ending sock on the needles.

P.S. Check out my left foot: worst sandle tan Ever.


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